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Fire Performances-
4th & Washington
Clay Area-
Lincoln & Washington
Glass Area-
7th & Washington
Metal Area-
6th & Washington
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Featuring performers and instructors from The Great Lakes Flow Festival.

Raku Firing and more-

Pewabic Pottery.

Wheel Throwing-

Oakland Community College.

Tile Pressing-

Leif Sporck.


Found Objects to Add Texture- Angela Sample

2021 Information will be available by May 15, 2021

Live Glass Blowing-

Featuring Adam Thomas and Marc Vandenberg of Juice Box. 

Stained Glass-

John and Margaret Crahen 

Black Smith-

Featuring Gabriel Craig and the Smith Shop.

Wire Sculpting-

Featuring Lonnie Ingram 


Metal Jewelry.

Featuring Michelle Maddux

Coil Bending / Carving- Michelle Corbett

Copper Wire Weaving Designs- Jessica Considine

Michigan Silversmiths Guild- Make a copper bracelet. Demonstrations of casting, texturing metal, knitting with wire.

Creating fully poseable birds- Lonnie Ingram 

Fire breathing Sculptures.

Vladimir Gorodkin - Tsimbali

DJ- Kent Clark

DJ- Hamilton

DJ- Knife House

Classical Violin 


food & drink

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